Hey brother, this is excellent stuff. I plan to send this along to some of my fellow leaders in the church and is precisely what I got deeply frustrated about this very week.

We’ve been doing an evangelism series and the strategy seems to be (roughly) be as nice as possible and avoid confrontation so that people will spontaneously see you as a safe and pleasant person to have spiritual conversations with.

I don’t like it. I’m not sure about my theological principles on this right now but something about it rubs me the wrong way. This seems more up my alley and fits better with my understanding of what we ought to be doing.

That said, the final word is always the Bible so I’m trying to humble myself and understand what is the truth of God. I am not content to pick the most appealing option if scripture doesn’t back it up.

Anyway, if you’ve got time, please also check out my substack as well:


I’ve subscribed and I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

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Jesus did not say lay down your life as a martyr. He said sell your cloak, buy a sword and gird it on. The hymn is NOT onward Christian soldiers marching as to martyrdom; but marching as to war.

Why has the West become so faint-hearted as to even have this discussion? Because the churches of the West chose suicide by martyrdom and turning cheeks when we should have been unsheathing the swords Jesus told us to buy and use as soldiers of the Cross. And making martyrs of Christ’s - and our - enemies.

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We need the Johnson Amendment of 1954 to the IRS tax code repealed ...

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We need the 17th A repealed, and governors to tell SCOTUS to sod off when they exceed the enumerated powers that limit to federal government of which SCROTUM is a part.

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There's no need to repeal it (although I believe it's wrong) because a pastor and church take their stands in sermons and the statement of faith whether independent or denominational. You can preach on anything you want. It also doesn't mean a church can't have candidates if they so choose. They just can't 'endorse'. They can say, this is what we endorse. So, choosing according to your beliefs and of the church isn't necessary.

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Excellent. As I preached last week, Jesus was assassinated. When you use the True semantic, you understand the True Jesus. The 21st Century Crusade begins www.pastorpowellforcongress.webs.com

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"The pagans he converted were my ancestors. They were not nice people. They were tribal, pagan savages."

Woke atheists today would use similar language to describe their Christian ancestors.

You should have more respect for those who became for you. Maybe read Tacitus. There were many honorable and noble Germanic people whose legends, culture, and values contributed to Europe before and after after Christianization.

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The Germanic people are the worst people in history. Sacked Rome & destroyed the empire and republican government for a millennium, “reformed” the church, destroying it, nonstop European wars through the 19th C. WW1 and the destruction of civilization. The continuation, following raising a new generation of men, of The Long War as WW2 and the Holocaust. And now the EU & euro to do with banks what they couldn’t do with tanks. The known universe would be much, much better if they had never existed.

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So, you hate Germans post-conversion as much as you do pagan ones, which implies that their problem was not a lack of Christianity, and that undercuts your argument.

As for the Germans as a people, if the past 18 months have taught us anything, it is that any modern society is capable of generating its own holocaust--e.g. the hundreds of thousands of virus deaths caused by the US medical establishment's denial of access to therapies, not to mention those caused by lockdowns throughout the west and most egregiously in Australia and New Zealand.

Even WWII was not a complete disaster. For example, the Americans would not have walked on the moon six times in the past century if the German Army hadn't funded Werner Von Braun and his V2 Rocket. We wouldn't have developed radar, nuclear power, computers, to the extent we have etc.

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The Boniface Option

I thought you were going to say let is all go to ruin, and rebuild it later.

I recall the scene at a powerplant in the movie "Close Encounter of the Third Kind," in which engineers were discussing what to do about a failing power grid. One was insisting, "Let it go down. Let it all go down," that only after its collapse could the grid be brought back up.

I think we may be in a similar position now.

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This was an excellent and articulate article that truly gets the times we're in and why. I appreciate this reminder, as a homeschool Mom of five boys I needed to be reminded that what I am doing matters and by God's grace my husband and I will raise these kinds of me, for the kingdom, no matter the cost.

I think we need both the Benedict and the Boniface option. So glad we can look back to learn how to look forward. Sadly, the church doesn't know it's history and therefore can't learn from the good and the mistakes. Keep up the good work! Sola Deo Gloria!

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You are totally making this up.

If you tell stories of the past, start reading history.

Bonifatius was killed because he tried to force the people into christianity.

He hacked down an oak tree (near Dokkum, Fryslân in the Netherlands)

The Oak-tree was an religieus tree (Wodan) for those people. It was like burning down a church.

These were my forfathers. Why call them tatooth rapers, killers?

You have prove of that!

The frisians had their own law and religion.

You should respect that !!

(Expecially if you are a real christian)

Since when is force a legal way and not surpression.

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Force CREATES the “legal way.” Do you think Western Civ & the rule of law would be supreme over so many people had we not conquered them?

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